The Orthodox Church Of Epirus

Clergy ID Requirements


Requirements for using clergy ID cards


·      Clergy are held to carry their ID card with them at all times, such as in their wallet

·      Clergy ID cards may only be used for religious purposes

·      Clergy should present their ID card when requested before or during pastoral visits

·      Clergy or their superiors are to ensure that everyone who has been issued an ID card is listed at correctly and up-to-date at


Clergy ID cards may not be used

·      In lieu of State ID or any other government identification

·      To be presented in non-religious or non-pastoral circumstances as an ID card

·      To be shared with other persons or clergy

·      To be copied or duplicated in any form

·      To be used for commercial purposes


Additional provisions

·      Hierarchs of the OCE may request additional cards for their clergy and should keep a roster by recording to whom they have issued ID cards

·      Only ordained clergy or OCE Religious (members of Orders) may be issued a card

·      Hierarchs and superiors are to ensure that clergy, to whom they issue ID cards, are listed at, so their ID can be authenticated